DNA of Care event

On Wednesday the 2nd November 2016 I took part in the DNA of Care event in London. It was an event organised by NHS England to share the digital stories that have been created by participants on the digital story telling workshops run by Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner.

When I was invited to take part on the workshop during the summer of 2016 I couldn’t see how I was going to relate dealing with the realisation and grief that I would not have children to my role as a manager in the NHS. Working with Pip, Tony and Jo as well as the others who participated on my workshop really help me to make sense of my journey and helped to make my story whole. Instead of Yvonne the ‘robot’ manager I was allowed to be Yvonne the manager who had to manage, silently, through her hard times. I could finally be me!

So here is my talk at the DNA of Care event in London …

and here is my digital story http://www.patientvoices.org.uk/flv/1021pv384.htm

Click here to here more digital stories http://www.patientvoices.org.uk/dnaoc.htm

Peace and Joy

Yvonne x



My Interview on Premier Gospel Radio

After reading my book, Dreaming of a Life UnlivedEsther Kuku contacted me to be a guest on her radio show The Family Hour at Premier Gospel radio. What joy!!! So on Saturday the 26th I travelled down to South London and had the pleasure of being interviewed by Esther and Ibe Giantkiller on their show.

It’s always great being recognised for what I have accomplished, my book is my baby that was conceived with love and hope and I always cherish opportunities to get my and other women without childrens’ stories out their.

Being a Christian station I realised that their message would be to promote ‘hope’ with stories of women who had conceived their first child , in their mid to lateish forties, however I felt that it was important to show that women living without children also have hope and that we matter and are, to quote Jody Day, rocking the life unexpected.

So click here https://www.premiergospel.org.uk/Shows/Saturday/The-Family-Hour/Episodes/The-Family-Hour128 to listen to my interview.

Thanks again to Ibe and Esther for another great opportunity and making me feel so welcomed.

I hope you enjoy…

Premier Gospel radio, Ibe Giantkiller, Esther Kuku

Premier Gospel radio, Ibe Giantkiller, Esther Kuku
Premier Gospel radio, Ibe Giantkiller, Esther Kuku



My interview with Marcia M

A few months ago I was invited by Marcia to appear on her on-line show ‘On The Couch with Marcia M’. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was very thankful for the opportunity to share my story with a wider audience. So here it is… my interview with Marcia M


We are many NoMos Conference

Someone asked me recently where my inspiration came from. There have been a handful of people in my personal life that have been great influences in my life and I also draw a lot of my strength from the people who I meet on a daily basis esp through Gateway Women and gatherings such as the We are many NoMos conference that I attended on the weekend organised by Kerry Mcmahon. The conference had great speakers such as Jody Day, Robin Hadley (AWOC) and Lesley Pyne.

Beccy Benedict held a wonderful creative session where we decorated leaves with messages that represented our childless journey. These leaves went on to beautifully decorate a gateway and we were given the opportunity to take a leaf with a message that resonated with us.

I found the women I spoke to, who are all on their own journeys and at different stages with their grief, so inspiring in their own ways. Some are artists and had exhibited their work at the conference. Jo Paul organised the exhibition where art from Karen Logan (who displayed her embroidered handkerchiefs), Sarah Hudson, Helen Segal and Cathy vivian were amazing!!! I even took part myself.

Chiara Berardelli entertained us with her beautiful songs. Thanks for the sample CD.

The opportunity to share our stories as well as some laughs throughout our time together, filled me with so much joy, courage and inspiration to continue on my own journey. So I dedicate this blog to all the wonderfully brave women I meet this weekend. Thank you for embracing me too!!!

And here are some new (well deserved) additions to the NoMo hall of fame…