The appointment

So I’m sitting in front of the gyne consultant having yet another appointment that I could do without.  “Do you have children” she asks. My answer is “No”. “Are you sexually active” she asks, ummm now she has my attention… I’m not sure what to say I mean this is a strange question to ask a married women and definitely a question that I’ve not been asked in a while. But I answer ‘Yes’ only to be met with her stern gaze and her ‘Do you understand that you can get pregnant” response hurled back at me. If I was a different person I probably would have responded to this by saying “I can only hope so” or “If I’m lucky” but I just quietly informed her that my getting pregnant wasn’t going to happen and as if that wasn’t enough she then asked me “how do I know?”……. All I could was SIGH!!!

I’m not sure what concerns me the most her thinking that I’m single (when I am married), her not realising that being childless at 46 may not be the skip in the park that she is assuming it is or her not dealing with this situation with the care that it deserved or even expected from someone in her position. Yet another BIG SIGH!!!



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