Fathers Day

Fathers days is another difficult day for us as a couple. Its a day thats celebrated by so many families and one where we can give well wishes to our dads, brothers and male friends who have children but one that so often leaves us feeling again alone and isolated.

This year I decided to celebrate the family that I have created with my husband, I celebrated my husband for the man that he is and the husband that he has become over the years.

Now that we are home from our fabulous meal and are relaxing in the garden sharing another precious moment together I would like to share this great interview by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle. Catherine interviewed author Elliot Jager about his book “The Pater: my father, my Judaism, my childlessness” and it’s a great insight into a man dealing with his childless journey. So please share the interview and as Fathers day draws to a close spare a thought for those men who won’t hear the words ‘Happy Fathers Day’….





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