Fertility Fest 13 May 2018

I am loving being on this journey. It is giving me the opportunity to explore different parts of me through different experiences and through other peoples eyes. So as much as I would not have considered myself as an expert this is a new persona that I get to embody…

Fertility Fest


My interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Today has been a day that I would never have imagined happening. From that day in October 2014 when I heard the 2 words ‘unexplained infertility’ (from my Consultant), that turned my life upside down and sent me into a crazy spiral of grief, to today where I can look back on the last few years with a smile.

Since finding Gateway Women and graduating from Jody Day’s year long plan B mentorship programme in March 2016 my life has taken on a new meaning. Owning and telling my story in such a public way has not only provided me with this immense sense of pride and joy but has also given me a sense of purpose. I have found my plan B.

So here is one of my greatest achievements (thanks to Jody and Gateway) and a memory that I will always treasure… my interview on BBC radio 4 Woman’s Hour with Jenni Murray.



BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour